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Improve your CSR, improve your business with Mark Topley

September 9, 2019

Mark Topley unpacks the subject of CSR in a straightforward, engaging way that will leave you feeling inspired and knowing what you can - and should - do to make your CSR better. He also explains the new CSR certification for dental practices, detailing what it involves and the benefits it brings.

What you’ll hear:

  • How growing numbers of patients now expect practices to ‘do good’ as part of running the business
  • What practice owners should be doing for CSR, how much is enough, how to make it manageable
  • The benefits of Dental Practice CSR Certification.

Who should listen:

  • Principals who know CSR is important, but want the thinking off their desk, and a straightforward way to help their teams to make it happen
  • Practice Managers who don’t want to become experts, but are looking for a quick, simple and effective way to implement great CSR and motivate their teams.
  • Team members looking for evidence and help in persuading their managers to take CSR seriously.

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