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Discussing the latest market report from Christie & Co in relation to practice goodwill values

June 10, 2019

Paul Graham, head of Dental at Christie & Co shares details of their latest report with Nigel Jones. They discuss market composition, the UK dental workforce and operational benchmarking of practice costs. Paul also gives a clear understanding of the process and steps required to value a practice and the factors impacting goodwill values currently.

What you’ll hear:
  • Christie & Co’s approach from beginning to end
  • Overview of market activity/demand and the evolving landscape of practice ownership
  • Planning for sale and the likely buyer profile (whole of market or a restricted approach)
  • Challenges within the sector including Brexit and the UK dental workforce.


Who should listen:
  • Sellers looking to retire, particularly those who own specialist private/referral practices
  • First time buyers, experienced operators, corporates and investors in the dental market
  • Industry intermediaries, accountants, solicitors and bankers connected to the industry.

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