Bodcast by Practice Plan

The Office of the CDO and guests discussion panel - 12th June 2017

June 18, 2017

The Office of the Chief Dental Officer England brought together a panel of the leading members of  of NHS England, Public Health England, CQC, BDA, Health Education England, Public Health England and the Department of Health on 12th June 2017, to answer the most asked questions on NHS Dentistry. And you can hear everything that was said in this Bodcast!

Discussion areas covered:
  • Contract reform timefarmes
  • Starting Well Initiative
  • Regulation
  • Training
  • Employment of the Workforce
  • Funding
  • Patient outcomes
  • Digital working practices
Panel members included:
  • Sara Hurley, Chief Dental Officer England
  • Janet Clarke, Deputy Chief Dental Officer England
  • Eric Rooney, Deputy Chief Dental Officer England
  • Mick Armstrong, Chair of BDA and practicing dentist
  • Janet Williamson, Deputy Chief Inspector of General Practice and Dentistry CQC
  • Nicholas Taylor, Chair of COPDEND and English Dental Deans
  • Helen MisCampell, DoH
  • Sandra White, National Lead for Dental Public Health in Public Health England
  • David Geddes, Department of Primary Care Commissioning in NHS England
  • Jonathan Green, Executive Director, Fitness to Practise, GDC
  • Ash Patel, Clinical Lead at CDO Office