The benefits of having a dental plan provider

March 11, 2019

 Zoe Close discusses the benefits to your business and your patients of providing a dental plan in your practice. She also talks about the additional support that a plan provider can offer with regards to legislation and helping you to grow your business.

What you’ll hear:
  • How a dental plan can build patient loyalty
  • The benefits to patients when they become a plan member
  • The ways in which a plan provider can help you grow your practice.
Who should listen:
  • Private dentists who don’t offer a dental plan
  • NHS dentists considering moving to private
  • Practice managers who want a better understanding of dental plans and providers.

Issues you’re overlooking in practice - with Les Jones

March 3, 2019

Les Jones discusses the possibility that your patients see things differently to you when it comes to the ‘little things’ you’ve learned to live with in practice. He talks about the potential damage this could be doing to your business and how to address it.

What you’ll hear:
  • Examples of things you might be overlooking
  • The impact an unresolved issue can have on a patient
  • Advice on how to look at your practice as a patient would
  • The importance of involving the full team in taking responsibility for resolving issues.


Who should listen:
  • Practice managers and team leaders
  • Everyone involved in the patient journey.

Understanding the law in relation to rest breaks and rotas

February 18, 2019

Sarah Buxton shares her advice for ensuring that your staff rota adheres to the law. She explains the importance of clear contracts, how a rota should work in a dental practice and the dangers of the more informal agreements many dental practices have in place.

What you’ll hear:
  • The current law in respect of rest periods and breaks
  • The consequences of not adhering to the law
  • How an employer can protect themselves.
Who should listen:
  • Team members responsible for creating and managing team rotas
  • Practice Managers
  • Anyone with HR responsibility.

Preparing your practice for sale

February 11, 2019

It is often said that you should have one eye on your exit from the moment you start up in business. In this podcast, Thomas Coates highlights some areas of best practice to ensure you are in the best position possible when you do come to sell your practice.

What you’ll hear:
  • Details of different business structures and the effect they can have on a sale
  • Issues that can make the process of selling a practice more difficult
  • How to ensure your practice is at its most attractive when it is time to sell.
Who should listen:
  • Practice owners considering selling their practice
  • New practice owners planning for the future.

Invest to impress when it comes to your practice

February 4, 2019

The benefits to your business of updating your practice and improving your facilities can be huge. Sarah Jarvis talks through your refurbishment options and how to make your budget stretch further.

What you’ll hear:
  • The benefits associated with improving your practice facilities
  • Options for spreading the cost of refurbishments
  • Why spending less could cost you more in the long term.
Who should listen:
  • Practice owners wanting to grow patient numbers
  • Practice managers responsible for building refurbishments
  • Anyone considering selling their practice.

How to overcome fee objections and achieve the income your services deserve with Ashley Latter

January 28, 2019

Dealing with price objections can be extremely challenging, especially when a patient is shopping around.  Ashley Latter shares proven strategies to help you develop your unique selling points and increase your case acceptance without having to compromise on fees.

What you’ll hear:
  • The importance of showing empathy with patients who present cheaper options
  • Questions to establish if a quote really is ‘like for like’
  • How to promote your unique selling points.


Who should listen:
  • Dentists who offer specialist treatments and private treatments
  • Team members who present costs to patients.

Handling complaints in practice

January 14, 2019

Lisa shares her best practises on how to deal with complaints to prevent them from escalating. She discusses the importance of being prepared and how it is important to learn from any complaints you do receive to improve your practice procedures.

What you’ll hear: 
  • The role of the team in spotting and handling complaints
  • The importance of listening to and reacting to each complaint individually
  • How you can learn from a complaint
  • The benefits of following up a complaint with an invitation to talk it though.
Who should listen:
  • Managers responsible for team training
  • Anyone responsible for CQC compliance
  • All team members

Introducing Dental Training Consultants

January 7, 2019

Zahid explains the process that dental students go through during their dental foundation training interview in order to achieve their ranking. He introduces Dental Training Consultants, and explains how they help young dentists achieve their learning objectives and prepare for this interview.

What you’ll hear:
  • Details of the dental foundation training interview
  • An overview of the process dental students go through to get ranked
  • An introduction to Dental Training Consultants and what they do.
Who should listen:
  • Dental Students
  • Dentists who’d like to understand more about the dental foundation training interview.

How to make your reception first class

December 31, 2018

With the possibility that each potential patient is worth up to £3,000, it’s vital that your reception team are confident converting enquiries into patients. Ashley shares his top tips to ensure this always happens and to make your reception team really stand out from the crowd.

What you’ll hear:
  • Common mistakes practice reception teams often make
  • The four-step approach to being world class on the phone
  • The three questions that team members handling enquiries should ask
Who should listen:
  • Business owners, dentists and practice managers who want to convert more enquiries into patients
  • Team members who work on reception
  • Everyone who answers the phone in practice.

Business structures and managing your business partners

December 17, 2018

Thomas discusses the different business structures used by dental practices and how they differ. He details practical steps to take and the relevant paperwork to put in place in order to avoid future conflict with your business partners.

What you’ll hear:
  • The difference between Expense Sharing, Traditional Partnership and Limited Company models for practice ownership
  • Details of the documentation necessary to set up these arrangements correctly
  • Examples of where things can go wrong
  • How to handle a dispute with a business partner.
Who should listen:
  • Anyone who co-owns a dental practice
  • Anyone considering entering into a business partnership
  • Dental associates considering buying into a practice.