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The changing role of dental therapists and hygienists with Helen Minnery

May 29, 2018

Helen Minnery, president of the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT), talks about how the roles of therapists and hygienists have changed over a number of years and what the next stages of change will include. She also discusses how the BSDHT and other professional bodies work together for the benefit of the profession.

What you’ll hear:
  • Historical changes to the roles, including the impact of direct access in 2013
  • How the BSDHT have been key to these changes
  • Details of a joint project with the British Association of Dental Therapists for exemptions
Who should listen:
  • Dental hygienists and therapists
  • Members of a dental team who want a better understanding of these roles
  • Dentists considering employing therapists and hygienists