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Men’s well-being: Indicators and support

December 17, 2020

Andy Elwood shares his insights into some of the challenges men face regarding well-being and mental health.

This interesting BoDcast highlights some of the indicators we can look out for and how others can support.

What you’ll hear:
  • What are the challenges for people who experience mental health issues

  • Is it different for men, and if so, how
  • Looking inward, what indicators do men need to look out for that suggest poor mental health
  • How can someone in a particularly low state of mind help themselves to move past this point

  • From the perspective of friends or family –are there behavioural or communication cues that we need to be aware of to help identify individuals who need help
  • How can we keep ourselves mentally fit and increase our mental strength & resilience
Who should listen:
  • All dental professionals.

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