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Audio book - Putting health at the heart of your practice. Full book

July 19, 2018

Putting health at the heart of your practice read by Sheila Scott

In her own insightful and compelling fashion, Sheila Scott puts her finger on one of the most important truths for anyone who aspires to be a successful dentist or to run a successful dental practice.

The central messages of this book are as powerful as they are simple and easy to grasp.

Members of the dental team who adopt the ideas contained in this recording will be on course for a successful career. At the same time their patients will learn to value the care they receive. 

If your patients want dental health then you must learn how to put health at the heart of your practice.

Introduction - It's not about the dentistry

Chapter one - The case for the health focus

Chapter two - From check-up to dental health check (DHC)

Chapter three - The dental health - the opening conversation

Chapter four - The physical checks

Chapter five - Making the DHC your own

Chapter six - Making the DHC happen

Chapter seven - Building hygiene

Chapter eight - The hygiene protocol

Chapter nine - Dental plans

Chapter ten - One more thing - sterilisation and patient protection

Chapter eleven - Conclusion

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