Measuring business activity - why it’s important for your business and what to do with the figures!

April 17, 2017

Get to grips with your business activity with Nigel Jones and Les Jones in the latest episode of Bodcast. In it, Nigel explains the importance of measuring and analysing key data to help you to drive your business forward. Packed with tips and advice on what you need to measure and how to get started, this podcast is a must for any practice owner or practice manager. 

What you'll hear today:

  • Why measurement is so important for your business
  • Nigel's thoughts on why many practice owners don't actively capture data and use it as a measurement tool
  • The impact that not capturing and analysing data can have on driving your business forward
  • Nigel's advice on the key things that you should be measuring in your business
  • The benefits of having access to key data each month
  • Tips on how to start measuring in your practice.



How to get more patient enquiries through your website

April 3, 2017

In this episode of Bodcast, host Sian Grace is joined by Google Consultant, Naz Haque to talk about how you can get more patient enquiries through your dental practice website. 

What you'll hear today:

  • How to capitalise on word of mouth referrals online
  • The importance of online reviews
  • The best ways to encourage patients to leave online reviews
  • Tips and advice on how to win new patients though your website
  • Guidance on other ways you can attract new patients online. 

What is brand and how to successfully manage it

April 3, 2017

Don’t miss this episode of Bodcast which explores the concept of brand with Les Jones. Listen as Les shares his expert knowledge on what brand is with host, Sales and Marketing Director, Nigel Jones and take away a greater insight into how you can successfully manage yours!

What you’ll hear today:

  • Les' explanation of his understanding of the word 'brand'
  • Insight into Les' views on how dental practices perceive brand
  • The importance of your brand being truly reflective of the messages and personality you want to portray
  • The key elements that make up your brand
  • The essence of creating a memorable brand
  • How to effectively involve your team in delivering your brand experience to patients.

HR policies – How to deal with grievances in your dental practice

March 20, 2017

Discover Employment and HR Solicitor, Sarah Buxton's advice on how to deal with grievances in your dental practice in this episode of Bodcast. In it, Sarah is joined by host, Area Sales Manager, Zoe Close, to share her guidance on the best way to investigate a grievance to avoid a subsequent employment tribunal claim.

What you’ll hear today:

  • An explanation of the definition of a grievance as outlined by the ACAS Code on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures
  • Guidance on what the consequences of failing to follow the ACAS Code are for employers
  • Tips and advice on dealing with grievances about other employees and whether you should deal with a grievance once the employee has left the practice.



How to prepare for a CQC inspection with Pat Langley

March 13, 2017

In this episode of Bodcast, host Zoe Close speaks to compliance expert Pat Langley to gain her insight into how you can prepare your whole team for a CQC inspection.

What you'll hear today:

  • Why it's so important to ensure your team are fully prepared for a CQC inspection
  • The importance of not just seeing compliance as part of an inspection but as how you run your practice
  • Pat's advice on a good starting point for getting to grips with compliance.

How to attract new patients by developing your marketing strategy

March 6, 2017

Discover Chris Barrow's tips and guidance on how you can get more of your existing patients into the appointment book as well how you can attract new patients through the door of your dental practice all by focusing upon your marketing strategy in this episode of Bodcast, hosted by Sales and Marketing Director, Nigel Jones.

What you'll hear today:

  • The importance of allocating sufficient time, money and people to your marketing activity   
  • How to allocate sufficient time, money and people to your marketing activity
  • Chris' advice on introducing a 'marketing champion' into your team
  • Tactics to help you to get more of your existing patients back in your appointment book
  • How to adopt an effective word of mouth protocol 
  • Tips on how to attract new patients into your practice. 

Top reasons why patients won’t engage with your website

February 20, 2017

Your website acts like an online window to your business but what is it saying about you? In this episode of Bodcast, host Branding and Communications Manager, Sian Grace talks to Google Consultant Naz Haque about how to ensure your website is both meeting and exceeding patient expectations so that they start to build relationships with your business.

What you’ll hear today:

  • Naz's insight into what makes an unsuccessful website
  • Guidance on what patients are looking for online
  • How to pinpoint why patients choose your dental practice to ensure you're pushing out the right messages
  • The importance of making sure that your dental practice has a website.

How to get started on social media

February 13, 2017

In this episode of Bodcast, host, Branding and Communications Coordinator, Becky Hargreaves is joined by Wesleyan's Social Media Manager, Richard Eccleston. Together, they explore how you can adopt social media as a marketing tool in your dental practice, providing you with practical hints and tips that you can take away and implement.

What you'll hear today:

  • Richard's advice on the recommended social media channels to use
  • Tips on how to create a Business page on Facebook
  • Ideas for content for your regular posts
  • How to create sponsored posts on a Facebook Business page
  • Advice on scheduling content and getting the team on board. 

How to stand out on Google

February 7, 2017

Your website acts like an online window to your business but what is it saying about you?

In this episode of Bodcast, host Branding and Communications Manager, Sian Grace talks to Google Consultant Naz Haque about how to optimise your website and drive traffic there to attract new patients.

What you'll hear today:

  • Naz explains why you should care about standing out on Google
  • Advice on how you can increase your visibility on Google
  • How long it takes to see results and Naz's advice on whether there areany shortcuts you can take
  • Guidance on how you can measure the results when you've optimised yourwebsite.

Advice on how to encourage patients to visit their hygienist

January 17, 2017

Listen to this episode of Bodcast to discover Business Consultant, Sheila Scott’s expert tips and advice on how you can encourage your patients to visit the hygienist more frequently.

What you’ll hear today:

  • Sheila explains the importance of explaining to patients why it’s beneficial to see the hygienist
  • Tips on how to explain hygiene services to patients while they’re in the dental chair
  • How to ensure patients are clear on why they’re visiting the hygienist
  • Sheila’s views on the importance of educating patients on how to effectively use interdental aids.